About - Lin Yi
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Lin is a photography enthusiast currently roaming the globe. His take on photography is not only to capture beautiful photographs, but also to tell a story through each one. Lin likes to incorporate different elements in his photographs to tell a lasting story. He often changes his approach, be it varying angles or techniques, in searching for something unique. Creating and sharing new stories in life are his ultimate goal.

Lin is a software engineer by profession. His main professional interests are software architecture, scalability, and usability. Lin enjoys solving problems, and apply what he learned from the art of photography to engineering, by creating applications that are simple, robust, and easy to scale. For more on Lin's professional work, check out his LinkedIn page.

Lin loves all types of photography, but primarily focuses on landscape, seascape, and action shots. Lin's photography adventures have taken him to many epic locations, but he is always searching for more. He is constantly challenging himself to refine his techniques, and more importantly, his creative vision.

If you wish to purchase a photograph, would like to collaborate with Lin, or have any questions, please visit the Contact page

You can find Lin on Instagram @y_rly.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy these photographs!

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