New Orleans - Lin Yi

"Never will I find someone like you."

I heard a street musician perform the famous Adele song on our first night in the city. The performance was beautiful, even a malfunctioning keyboard could not bring it down. His voice was captivating, and you could see the passion and devotion on his face. That moment struck me, and this performance kept on replaying in my mind. I finally realized why as I was leaving New Orleans: I will never find another city like NOLA

The music,  the food,  the art, the culture, the people, and all and everything make New Orleans one of the most unique cities in the World. Perhaps it is telling that the most famous dish here is the gumbo, a blend of ingredients and spices all have their own characteristics and edges, somehow together they create a concoction that is greater than the sum. The dish has a strong first bite, and also a long savory aftertaste, which is exactly like New Orleans. (To the right are some of my favorite NOLA bites.)

As much as I loved the food, it was the people, and their art and creativity, that blew me away. I  always had a soft spot for street performers; they were amazing to watch. And the performers in NOLA are on a whole different level. They each have their own unique trait, but would also like to interact with other performers next to them, or the crowd. The performance could turn in an instant, very captivating. I had a fantastic time watching and photographing their performances!

Nola Bites

Fried Alligators

Fried Alligators

Fried Alligators from Cochon

Have you been to New Orleans? What was your experience like? Comment below.

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