Tasmania, or Tassie, as the locals call it, is a mysterious place.

Before I decided to take a trip to Tassie, the only thing I "know" about the place  is Taz, the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons. Of course I did some research before biting the proverbial bullet. I came for two things, Southern Lights and bioluminescence on the beach. I found neither. What I did find, however, is revelation.

From the first moment I laid my eyes upon her, Tassie filled me with a sense of wonder. It is hard for me to put it into words (good thing I'm a photographer), and that feeling stayed with me throughout my entire trip. The landscape is nothing like I have seen before. I saw more channels, straits, and pristine beaches than I ever have, however there is much more to her than that. There is grandeur formed by the mountains, forests, and the composite of said channels, straits, and beaches. Yet, there also are vivid intricacies weaved into this land if you look closer. From waterfalls,  to wild animals, and a single cove, there are countless individually unique details, so much to see and feel. I felt anxious at the thought of missing a thing, while also was completely taken in by the sheer scale of it all. It is a magnificent country, a photographer's dream.

I finally understand why so many artists adore this land and come here for inspiration. I will follow this tradition myself. Thank you Tassie! Cannot wait to come back!

Have you been to Tasmania? What was your experience like? Comment below.

Update: A little added bonus, sound of Tassie, from Hazards Bay. Enjoy!

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